A successful deal requires well-defined strategy and extensive business acumen.

Whether preparing to sell your business or considering acquisition options, the process may present pitfalls for the unwary business owner. Sellers must make critical decisions about timing, valuation and potential acquirers. Buyers must meet the challenge of demonstrating increased shareholder value, despite the potential difficulty of quantifying that value.

Our team regularly guides clients through related issues across a myriad of industries, developing transaction options and evaluating value and risk for each opportunity. We function as an objective partner, creating a corporate strategy for success, not one that is simply deal-driven.

For buy-side transactions, we help owners achieve their growth objectives and gain competitive advantage through strategic acquisitions. Whether it’s an ongoing, long-term strategy for targeted acquisitions or a one-off deal for a single company acquisition, our team leverages decades of experience to the benefit of our client.

For sell-side transactions, we help investors target and close deals with maximum return by pre-qualifying buyers, determining the optimal exit strategy and taking the appropriate measure to adequately and thoroughly prepare for exit.

Generation Ownership Transfers. Because our team’s expertise is focused for counseling private, closely held companies, oftentimes, our clients are owners of family businesses. Transitioning between generations can present both personal and professional challenges. Many families don’t speak candidly about their concerns and expectations, and thus, few companies successfully complete multi-generation leadership transfers. Preparing for the future of a family business requires candid communication and proactive and strategic planning.

We have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding the ownership of family businesses. We respect the sensitivity of the transfer process and take the time to listen to each family member involved. In addition to creating a strategic succession plan, our team frequently works with other family professionals (legal, tax, insurance, etc.) to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive plan for transition.

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